Thursday, August 15, 2013

Stop Complaining and Pray!

Hey my lovely families! My new schedule has made me unable to love on you all with words! I’ve been embracing my new blessing, who is now four months old. But believe you me, you were in my prayers! Hugs and kisses to you all.

What God is working on in me is my complaining mouth. As my toddler would say when her sister cries, “Oh boy, sister crying," I say, "Oh boy, Mommies complaining." Stop complaining Marilyn and trust in your prayers to your living God!

I feel like Moses when Joshua was fighting the Amelekites, when he raised his hands Israel predominated, but when those hands came down Amelek prevailed. (Read Exodus 10-14) When I trusted in me and my hands came down, I lingered in complaints. When I kept my eyes on the prize and my hands stayed up in prayer, I prevailed! I’m gonna get you, you just had a baby, you nursing two children, nobody gets me, hormones you! Lol! Yeah I fell in the trap, but women and a man of light put a stone under me and held up my hands. I will not lose this battle in my home! God told Moses that he would blot out the name of Amelek from heaven! He will blot out our trials and situations, never to be heard of again! Amen!

Creating Legacies leader, my Sister in Christ, my prayer partner, has helped me more then she will ever know. Praying Families out there, let us Create Legacies of buoyancy, unity and hope. I also ask you to never forget to have some spontaneous family fun! Families pray without Ceasing!

Heavenly King, forgive me for being weak, when all I have to do is reach to you to become strong. I pray for those who are too weak to even reach right now! We stand as Aaron and Hur did for Moses and put a stone under you and hold up your hands Families! We haven’t lost our faith or our hope. We were just bamboozled by society and the pulling of life! Be free families, free to speak life and live life! Free to except change and embrace a new path! Order our steps in your Word Oh Lord our Redeemer and hear our prayers!

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