Monday, July 28, 2014

Be weak!

When I see a post like this, I get upset and feel like screaming! Why you ask, because sometimes I'M NOT INTERESTED IN BEING STRONG! Not weak, no not weak, but just not the Front Line! Do you ever feel that way?

Well thank goodness the Yoke of God is easy and his burdens are light! It's even better when you realize this promise means there is ample space in his rest! Ample! It is up to us to take pleasure in it and only fight the battles we were commanded to. Then and only then will being strong, be exactly like being weak! When we are weak, he is strong! 

Families pray without ceasing! 

Dear God, we are weak and need your ample rest! Please be our Strongtower and give us and our households the wisdom to except it! Praise you! In Jesus name I pray! Amen!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Relentless Prayer!

Life can be conflicting but our prayer life must be consistent. Our dedication to prayer is how we survive and overcome, there really is no other way. Our Familes are challenged daily, but we will endure! Our hope endures! Truth and passion meet in prayer and conflicting life becomes consistent Joy! Families Pray without ceasing! 

Thank you living God for the persistence to pray! You are the way the truth and the life! In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Perfect Conditions Do Not Exist!

God has full control over our lives, when we allow him to. Just because things do not seem perfect, does not mean God is not the author of it. Faith without works is dead, so activate that blind faith in your heart and mind and Go For It! GO GET YOUR BLESSINGS!

Doubts delay accomplishments, they are distractions. If you do not want to make mistakes, then get ready to stay the same. Growth is tied to mistakes and disappointments, but the best part is it's tied to SUCCESS, HOLINESS and BLESSINGS! Families Pray without Ceasing!

Living God be our guide and allow us to acknowledge you in all our ways and not trust our own understandings! Your word is alive and active! Thank you for the victory! In Jesus the Christ name we pray, Amen!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Take It By Force!

What does this even mean? Matthew 11:12  And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

To me it's the submission to change and the power of the spirit of God. You can start as the enemy of the kingdom of God, like Saul and become a Paul, utilizing the force of its power! God took away his Hebrew name Saul and used his Roman name Paul. Let go of the ordinary, what you are used to and extraordinarily take what God has for you by force! 

Someone takes your parking, yells at your child, lies on you. This is room to defend, but what about the satanic forces of this world that are daily breaking us down. Attacking from every side, invading our homes and what we believe. We do not have to attack with natural methods, but use spiritual tactics like prayer! Pray they are knocked off their high horses and surrender to Gods kingdom. This scripture is about being able to witness the atheist and gospel haters, force their way in! They know the other side and are starving for his Hope!

Jacob wrestled all night with an Angel of the Lord and would not stop until he received his blessing. He took it by force, it left him with a disability and with a new name, Israel, "Triumphant with God"! I am sure with every limp he smiled and possibly shed tears of victory! Families pray without ceasing!

Father God I thank you for your transformation power! You are keen and able! Your word says you give us power to tread on scorpions and serpents and nothing by any means shall harm us! Separate us from ourselves and Position Families across this earth right where you want us to be! Teach us and our children to fight for truth! We are praying for the salvation of the followers of darkness. In Jesus the Christ name I pray! Amen! 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Prayer for Pregnant Women In Malta

As I was about to sign out, my heart kept crying out for pregnant women in Malta! Praying Families has a ministry dedicated to teen pregnant young ladies and teen Dads. So my heart and prayers travel the Mediterranean this morning!

Families pray with me! Living God I stand in agreement with your spirit and say be blessed pregnant women in Malta. Thank you God for healthy pregnancies and births! Teen moms to be, stand firm and know your Lord is mighty to save! Women put on Gods Whole Armor and rebuke the enemy and he will flee! Maltese women eat some imqarrun and rest! Seek natural drug free births, refuse to allow man to dictate how a miracle from God should be born! Breathe, let his peace that surpasses all understand keep your hearts and minds! Maltese dads, from young to older, think on the things that are lovely, that are true and of a good report! You are forgiven by the blood of Jesus and have become more than conquerors! Fret no longer mothers to be, our living God has heard your cry and will never leave you or forsake you! In Jesus our Christ name we pray! Amen!

Families pray without ceasing!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Family forever!

Families I miss you dearly! A new year with family oriented mindsets are on the rise. I have not had a computer since Mid-December, (since my darling toddler sprayed it clean for us) and now I journey to Blogger on my smartphone. 

Let's pray! Faithful and dedicated God! Eyes have not seen and ears have not heard and not a single human heart will be able to conceive what you have instore for us! Praise you now for later and now for now! So simple and extraordinary are you God! Cover our families God! Build them up! We see you God, not the pain, fear or victory! WE SEE YOU!  In Jesus the Christ Name we pray, Amen!!!!! 

Families pray without ceasing!!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Under God's Construction

As we grow in God we are stretching. We are really expanding and like all major construction, this can be tiresome and downright painful.  Please be confident in our living God who will do exceedingly and abundantly, higher than we could ask or even think. Hey I don’t make this stuff up; it’s in his word, check out Ephesians 3:20, it will give you the low down.  Is it my area of expertise, not at all, but definitely a place where I have lots of experience.

I am a construction site and some may only see the equipment scattered and hear the banging. They see the dust and the rowdy workers and say “Good grief! When will this place be complete, it is chaotic!” I see the strong tower, a higher place of humility! Bricks of peace and a foundation of hope gleams from the site. I tell you in advance, sunglasses are needed as the sun reflects off the finest steel and the Glory of God hovers over. 

Yes my perception of who I am and where I am going is quite sanguine! It’s hopeful for sure! Encourage yourself in the Lord because you are who you will to be!

King David, my mentor knows this first hand. I follow his motto as my construction is in progress. In 1 Samuel 30 David and his men were raided in Ziklag and lost it all. Family, possessions and worst of all, they lost their hope. All they could see was the destroyed camp so they weep till it hurt.  David grieved having his wives kidnapped and feared being stoned by his men, yet he still encouraged himself in the Lord. Yes in the Lord, not his iphone, video game or illegal substance. They were lead to victory and regained what they lost and more!

David was an expert of encouraging himself in the most high God! He can teach us that just because you are under construction it does not mean God hasn't called you in this season! In 1 Samuel 22 our great warrior, David was in the cave of Adullam on the run from King Saul and had to be Commander over the masses. These folks were jacked up and the funny thing was in the natural eye, so was he! But God!!! But God!!! Families pray without ceasing!

Precious savior, I ask you to forgive me of my sins and hear my prayer this morning! I pray favor over families construction sites. Lord God your blessings make us rich and add no sorrow. We are rich in hope, joy and peace! Families you are rich in love and confident in God's will for your lives! Bless your holy name God all the days of our lives! We seek first your kingdom and we gladly accept all that comes with it! In Jesus the Christ name I pray. Amen!
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