Tuesday, November 19, 2013

God's Blessings are Abounding!

Hey wonderful Families, I have missed you all! As you know you are always in my prayers. Pray my time management lines up with the overflow of blessings! Will God allow this flow to overtake us, because I will not lay down and forget what he has promised me! Will you?
Please don’t, he is not a man that he shall lie. Go to your window or anywhere light can come in at, and if you see the sun, moon or stars, his blessings are here! God is faithful and has pulled me out of self made mess, persecutions, and judgments! Each time causing each circumstance to work in my favor! He will not leave you or forsake you! Repeat, he will not leave you or forsake you! Gods word says all things will work for our good!

The scripture Ezekiel 47:1-12 takes me back to a time when I was homeless, in the summer of 2006.  I was on the beach, reading my bible as the tide came in. I walked to the waters and the Holy Sprit began to speak this scripture into my soul. It came alive in me! As the presence of God and the water he created hit my ankles, then my knees and then waist, I felt his abundance flow. An overflow to where I would have to swim in it. We are not walking in our blessings, we are swimming in blessings! Thank you living God!

I could see the water doing a cleansing in my life. It would hit those dry and desolate areas, areas of stagnation. Life, energy, financial freedom and wholeness would erect in every area of my life.  My heart leaped massively when I read verse 47:11 “The swamps and marshes won’t become fresh. They’ll stay salty.” I could see gravestones with names on them. They read, “Abuse, Rejection, Shame, Rebelliousness, and Fear." Those swamps of my pass would not ever be revived! THEY WERE DEAD AND SALTY! There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus! The fruit will begin to flow and be consistent! The fruit in my life and those I love!

It is now seven years later and God has cleansed my life. He has restored, healed, anointed and opened my womb! Our King is still doing so much in me. There is a lot of work, blessings and cleansing in store and I am ecstatic! Families pray without ceasing!

Thank you living King for your mercy and Grace! Your abundant blessings are pouring over us! Give us your measuring tape and show us your Glory! We believe you God without access to any of our five senses! Families see and know without sight or knowledge. You are the only God! In Jesus the Christ Name I pray, Amen!


  1. I agree! Pray without ceasing and believe. He will get you though. I'm a witness.

  2. Amen Sis! God bless you and your household!


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