Thursday, November 21, 2013

God's Spirit

Romans 8:16
We welcome you Holy Spirit! Your Spirit, Dear God. Not a perception of it or a temporary high, but a waterfall of your anointed presence! Take permanent residence in households! Break out in the hearts and minds of Families across our world! Colorado families receive his spirit, Nepal families embrace him, Families in Spain soak in his blood, Prague receive him, North Carolina absorb his spirit and Brooklyn be drenched. Be filled with the pure Spirit of our God! Be cleansed, surrender your spirit and know God’s spirit is the key to peace! We love you living God! No matter your age, amount of “Sins” or economic status, God wants you and your household to be consumed with peace! Let him do it, do not hold back! In Jesus the Christ Name I pray! Amen!

We have to shake off this stench of a spiritual high that last but a moment. Take the long way, vast in God's presence. Yes, I do know with a family and a busy schedule it is challenging, but not impossible. Don't invest in a hit here and there, become a full blown addict of our Living God! Love you families! Pray without ceasing!

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