Thursday, January 31, 2013

God Will Not Delay!!

I pray that souls are recovered in households and the weights of life are lifted. Help that comes from you Lord is the help that brings change. It’s the help that shifts atmospheres and I thank you in advance for the help you will send to the needy children, the hungry, the discontented families and the suicidal teenagers at this moment! I cry to heaven for I can relate to Spiritual Pressure, Spiritual Warfare, and Spiritual Victory! You will not delay Father God; our Hope is in you always! Amen! Please Pray without ceasing!

My Psalm To Christ  (Written by Marilyn Moore 2013)

I’m shaking and trembling from the foes and attacks.
I know that’s what comes with serving you without slack.
I’m so through, just done with the spiritual and natural blows,
Tired is my countenance and toward faith is where I go.
Seeking you profusely Lord; crying, praying and fasting.
Will this end soon; I really want to embrace laughing.
Dancing in my sackcloth, ripping and tearing of my garment,
Stop the pressure for just a moment and let none harm me!
Gather my tears and sweat drops, I won’t quit, I will endure!
Father I must confess in this wicked battle I am at times insecure.
Thank you for letting me dwell in your secret place Most High God!
Where does my help come from, it comes from you Lord God!
I’m seeking and seeking and now I have found hope but not a full solution.
Make Your Hope enough, for I know you are not a magic potion!
I lift my eyes unto the hills, and say “Never!” to he who comes to steal, kill and destroy!
My help comes from the Lord always and I will remain faithful and filled with joy!


  1. Have no fear about problems because God has a solution to replace every problem, fear, and obstacle. He hears and sees all. Our God is an awesome God! Your prayers Never go unheard. God provides for all his children! I love you and keep praying


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